Milk Pimp

Milk Pimp is an online boutique for babies & toddlers, with a soft spot for breastfeeding moms. 

Why Choose Us?

Milk Pimp is birthed from heart warming & funny moments with my babies as a breastfeeding mother.  We’re dedicated to providing functional, stylish, unique & fun apparel & accessories for infants, toddlers & moms!

Thank you!

New customer

I love the tops. They are perfect for breastfeeding and great for access. 

Macomb County, MI

I think the masks are too cute & my grandson loves them!


About Us

Tia Regular,


I sometimes laugh a little to myself when asked to repeat the name “Milk Pimp” after I say it to people. I’m sure they wonder “Where did she get that from ?” I’m a wife & mother of five. I’m also a nursing mother. Meeting the demands of picky eaters & breastfed babies (two of them would not take a bottle, but that’s another story) made me feel at times like I was at their mercy. Sometimes while nursing, the baby may squeeze, slap or grab the breast. Those actions inspired the name “Milk Pimp “ that had been used jokingly by me about my babies.  Milk Pimp, a brand inspired by babies, toddlers & the moms they milk.